Foundational research for an ALS cure.


Ahead of every fiscal year, ALS CURE Project holds a conference for the top ALS researchers from around the world to join together to discuss the most promising research opportunities. We are not concerned with who gets credit but rather that the limited ALS research dollars are directed to the most promising opportunities. The result from this collaborative event is the Roadmap to Cure ALS which serves as a guide for research grants for leading ALS organizations around the world.

Research Council

The ALS CURE Project has handpicked four of the most highly distinguished researchers in ALS to serve as the Research Council to ensure that money raised is directed to the most promising opportunities.

Dr. Jonathan Katz, MD is the President of the ALS Research Group- the international research collaboration.

Dr. Robert Bowser, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in ALS and is pioneering efforts to discover and validate biomarkers for ALS.

Dr. Joseph (Jody) Puglisi, PhD leads a group of researchers leveraging nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to investigate the role of RNA in cellular processes and disease.

Dr. John Ravits, MD is the director of the ALS clinic at UC San Diego Health and vice chair of adult neurology and the neurological sciences.

Funded Research

Since inception, the ALS CURE Project has directly funded over $500,000 in vital ALS research. This research began with multi-gene modeling at Stanford University and Sheffield University. This year the ALS CURE Project has funded research that has utilized Sierra, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) supercomputer, in multi-modal longitudinal modeling and physics-based modeling of TDP-43 protein aggregates which are present in over 95% of ALS cases.

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